Concept of Artistic Direction

Art Director Jay Subyakto is well known for his unique vision in presenting Indonesia’s heritage and is passionate about its preservation. He is responsible for what is ‘seen’ in a performance such as mood, stage, colour, sets, make-up, lighting, effects all the way to costumes. A familiar name in Indonesia’s creative world that highly values culture, he sets a high standard in conceptualizing the stage setting for ‘MatahAti’. He manages to strike a balance by mixing history with choreography and traditional music to show the contemporary side of Indonesia as a nation but somehow still keep traditional art through the combination of stage technology and modern lighting without disturbing the grasp of understanding tradition itself. With his highly reputable experiences, ones can always expect to be blown away by his visions.

Concept of Costume Design

AtilahSoeryadjaya also did the costume and accessories design based on her own extensive research of old references from the 18th century Javanese costume in the Mangkunegaran Place’s library and she went through traditional markets for material researches. She then gave it a contemporary art / modernity touches and colors to match the new innovation of the artistic direction by Jay Subyakto in order to heightened the performance visual.  All accessories are also based on her inspiration such as the belt created from a rope then dipped in colors to match the color of the costume. Necklaces and other accessories based on the original carving of old Javanese accessories but given “new”/modern touches to make it exclusively designed for “MatahAti”.