The Play

Matah Ati is an hour and a half long performance, divided into eight acts with a total of seventeen scenes.

The performance spawns from the ‘Langendriyan’ concept, a dance that originated from the Mangkunegaran Palace during the reign of Mangkunegoro the IV by King Mangkunegoro IV himself.

The Matah Ati performance is expressed through the presentation based on classic dance in Mangkunegaran style accompanied by operatic songs sang in the Javanese dialect. Yet to enhance its entertainment value, dance movements were further developed with addition of contemporary movements to be more energetic and up to date.

The production team of ‘Matah Ati’ created a stage designed to carry the dance performances into the modern era. The stage itself packs a lot of surprises.

Behind the idea, concept and script of ‘Matah Ati’ is Bandoro Raden Ayu (BRAy) Atilah Soeryadjaya. Growing up within the Mangkunegaran Palace, BRAy Atilah spent her childhood days in an environment so rich in Javanese tradition and culture.  This fueled her concern and passion to preserve the Javanese culture.

Matah Ati involves as many as 150 professional artists including the country’s best creative production team to create a performance of traditional dances in a modern production.

All the choreographers and dancers are professionals in the field of arts with undergraduate, graduate and even PhD degrees from Solo’s Indonesian Institute for the Arts (Institut Seni Indonesia).