Fajar Satriadi

Fajar Satriadi. S.Sn, M.Sn.

With a professional dance career that began at the age of 20, Fajar has given his life to art and constantly seeks new ideas and ways to refine his work, including his personal perspectives on culture and beliefs. He has brought his skills, in dance, direction and choreography, on to various stage performances, as well as shared his knowledge through classes and workshops to a wide range of audiences in Indonesia and abroad. In addition to practicing Javanese classical dance, Fajar also trained in martial arts as well as Balinese breathing and meditation. According to him, both enhance his abilities as a dancer and stage performer.

Rambat Yulianingsih

Rambat Yulianingsih. S.Sn, M.Sn.

There could be no better person to play the role of Rubiyah than Rambat. Soft-spoken and graceful yet gifted with a soulful heart-stopping voice, Rambat is a skilled classical Javanese dancer and accomplished soprano. Having been a court dancer in the actual Mangkunegaran Palace over the past 15 years, Rambat is a seasoned performer and extremely comfortable in her role as a queen-to-be. She began her career as a dancer when she was 17 years old and has since performed in many festivals and shows both locally and internationally.