“Dancing to victory. Good choreography and props make this dance-drama about a woman warrior a lush production”
– The Straits Time, Singapore.

“The audience enthusiastically applauded, followed by cries of “Bravo!” and a standing ovation as the curtain dropped”
– The Jakarta Post, Indonesia.

“Fascinating and spectacular show, not a single seat left in the world class Esplanade Theatre in Singapore”
– Kompas, Indonesia.

“No doubt about it, Matah Ati was the highest achievement that serves the heart, the culture and for the love of Indonesian Culture, salute!”
– Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia.

“Matah Ati; no words can describe it, just a feeling of amazement”
– Clara Magazine, Indonesia.

“Two days performance; full house and standing ovation. Matah Ati presents Indonesia to the world at the Esplanade Theatre, Singapore”
– Femina Magazine, Indonesia.